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Cedarpoint is open from 10AM to 10pm today July 11th
Soak City is open from 10AM till 9PM

Cedarpoint is the Rockin Rollercoaster Capital Welcome to Cedarpoint Community>
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GateKeeper Thoughts [Tuesday
April 23rd At 7:33AM]

Cedar Point Prepares for Opening Day (and GateKeeper: Behind the Scenes)
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February 11th At 11:58AM]

Anyone out there?
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August 23rd At 2:37AM]

How much is parking this year? When you pay for parking can you drive out of the park and come back in without having to pay parking again??

Is the cheapest place to buy tickets at AAA?

Thanks for your help!
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August 14th At 9:11AM]

Over the weekend that just was, Danwith and I headed over to Cedar Point! I have to be careful because of my hair... Having ass-long hair on a rollercoaster is generally a health hazard, but I've learned how to keep it out of the way!

On to the pictures!
Lots of ridesCollapse )
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So Right now [Friday
July 11th At 3:08AM]

The layout is up , there is a few kinks links wise that i need to fix but i will do that later.
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